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Desert Highway

I am a UX Designer that crafts meaningful stories through empathetic research and creative problem solving.

Hi! I'm Marcos Vera.

Here are some things I've worked on...

Image by Krisztian Tabori

Taylor's Tacos: Let's Taco'bout a New Mobile Experience

Taylor's Tacos is proud to be the first lesbian, black, woman owned taco shop in Chicago and they were opening their first brick and mortar restaurant in 45 days. The client needed a better mobile experience for both their current catering company and new Taco Shop. 

Carmex Collision Repair: When Cars and Cultures Collide

Carmex Collision Repair is a local family business that is looking to use technology to make current processes easier and more efficient. By investigating the user I found the best ways to increase trust and communication with their current and potential customers.

Buffing a Car
Giraffe at the Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo: The UnBEARable Lightness of Website Traffic

Theoretic stakeholders asked our team to find a way to get more of their clients interested in the zoo's Conservation material. To do this we created more interactive features that would drive people to the educational content. 

Sunset in Monterrey
Nice to meet you!

My strongest skill is a simple one. I know how to put one foot in front of the other. Using this skill, I've been lucky enough to learn a lot over the years. Mainly, I've learned to tell stories, and to listen to the stories other people have to tell. 

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